Moving Live and a Special Offer

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Hey There Friends:

You might have noticed I haven’t posted much here recently.

I’ve taken my updates to video, and have been posting live weekday mornings to our Facebook page. You will see more from me here soon, but it might not be as often.

I’m also in the process of re-opening my law office: Herz PLLC, where I’ll be concentrating on planning: trusts, wills, guardian and health care representative designations.

If you haven’t yet named someone to make medical decisions for you when you can’t, you should. And if you have kids, you should also be thinking about who will take care of them if you can’t.

I’m having a special right now to kick-start my return: “Pay What You Can Afford” for a simple will and health care directive.  And You Decide what You Can Afford. This offer is good until July 31, or I have the first twenty takers, whichever comes first.

Please know that any plan you come up with is likely to give you a better result than what the state will impose if you don’t share your wishes.

Also know that while a will and health care directive are a good start, in many cases, more advanced planning makes more sense. While I do my best to take care of all my people within their means, any additional or other services are not included in the “Pay What You can Afford” promotion. Particularly, this promotion does not include emergency/urgent services and unusual travel expenses.