Sharon Stone on Gardening

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We’d like to thank Sharon Stone for taking an hour plus out of her weekend to chat gardening with us. I invited her to talk in the hope that she could give us some ideas to get a little closer to nature while the Corona Virus has us spending a bit too much time inside.

We had a delightful conversation which we share now in the hope that you too become inspired to bring down your stress levels a bit while you bring some more color, and a new level of taste to your home, whether it’s a window garden or a backyard patch, or you want to feed your whole family.

Thank You

Your local Master Gardener

To reach our local Master Gardeners with your garden questions, please send an email to lowerfairfieldmg@gmail.com.

The Stamford Museum and Nature Center

You know they say that it doesn’t feel like work when you are doing what you love. We’re tickled that Sharon calls this her “work” home. Anyway, you can find more about the The Stamford Museum and Nature Center here. Registration is open for summer camps.

Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens

You can check out the plant clinic here. Until that’s available again, the trails and gardens remain open to the public. Please maintain safe distancing of at least 6 feet while enjoying the property. Please also observe leash laws and distancing so we can continue to keep the Arboretum open. You can find more at the Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens website.

UConn Extension Master Gardener Program

The UConn Extension Master Gardener Program is an Educational Outreach Program that is part of UConn Extension. The program started in 1978 and consists of horticulture training and an outreach component that focus on the community at large. Master Gardeners are enthusiastic, willing to learn and share their knowledge and training with others. You can learn more at Master Gardener Program

Designs By Lee

Designs by Lee, Inc., is a family-owned business providing exceptional landscaping work to Fairfield County & Westchester County since 1958. They are devoted to giving our customers the highest quality work and plant material possible and offer a wide range of landscape services, a full-service retail garden center, and a fully-stocked 21-acre nursery.

Eden Farms

A place that has something to offer everyone in your family, whether it’s trees and shrubs for your yard, annuals and perennials for your planters or garden, cut flowers for a loved one, fresh Connecticut corn for your summer barbecue, or weekend activities for the kids, Eden Farms works towards providing the customer with the best possible experience. See more at EdenFarmsLLC.com

Exquisite Environments

Exquisite Environments is committed to providing their customers with dedicated quality service. Their highly professional and trained Arborists take pride in their work, and are constantly striving to exceed customer’s expectations.

Exquisite Environments is dedicated to improving the environment by using preventive tree care techniques. They diagnose and treat tree and shrub problems. Their employees consistently continue to develop their industry knowledge through trade shows, classes and exams. The company was built on a foundation of integrity, honesty and commitment. They look forward to serving the environment, the community and their customers. ExquisiteEnvironments.com.

Ganim’s Garden Center & Florist

A little further afield in Fairfield is this third generation family run Garden Center. You’ll find a great selection of garden plants, flowers, gardening supplies and a full service florist department. Their talented staff of gardening pros can help you with any question for the home and garden landscaping. GanimsGardenCenter.com

Other Farms mentioned:

Fairgate Farms

Fairgate Farm is a volunteer-driven urban farm nestled within the Vita Health & Wellness District on the West Side of Stamford, Connecticut. Our mission is to provide equitable access to locally grown produce and to strengthen the community through educational and harvest related initiatives. For more, visit http://fairgatefarm.com

The Hickories

Located in Ridgefield, your farmers at The Hickories are striving to:

  • produce safe and nutritious products grown with respect for soil, animals, and people.
  • model an agriculture that is innovative and replicable: one that is ecologically, economically, and socially responsible.
  • grow new farmers and provide growth opportunities for existing farmers,
  • connect our community to working land.

You are invited to join them! Support them in their work this season by contributing in any way you can to the vibrant work of refabricating a local and reliable agrarian economy. For more, visit https://thehickories.org

Ambler Farm

At Ambler Farm they celebrate the community’s rich farming heritage through hands-on learning and sustainable agricultural practices. Ambler Farm is your farm! Owned by the Town of Wilton, the 200-year-old farm hosts year-round events and educational programs for all ages. explore our programs. For more, visit amblerfarm.org

Wakeman Town Farm

The Wakeman Town Farm Sustainability Center is an organic demonstration homestead dedicated to serving the Westport Community. The Farm is a model facility created to educate the community with local healthy food production, responsible land stewardship, sustainable practices and community service orientation. For more, visit https://www.wakemantownfarm.org

Back Yard Bee Keepers Association

For a little bit more about Beekeeping, the Back Yard Bee Keepers Association is Southwestern Connecticut’s club for the Hobbyist Beekeeper. You can find them here.

Scalzi Riverwalk

A ten year project to revitalize a portion of the Mianus River that came to an abrubt end last year as the city destroyed an essential component of it. See more on the Facebook page.

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